Phoenix is a well-known destination city for millions of people worldwide. Whether it is retirees looking for a temperate location to live out their golden years, remote employees wanting a more scenic backdrop for their professional responsibilities, or vacationers seeking a warm escape from their day-to-day lives, Phoenix is the bullseye for a wide array of travel plans. Unfortunately, the warm weather and scenic desert vegetation comes at a cost–a longer allergy season than found in colder areas. This can make it a struggle to enjoy all the vibrant city has to offer. Fortunately, mobile IV therapy is a quick and impactful treatment that has exciting potential for Phoenix allergy sufferers. Keep reading as we explore the various ways to navigate Phoenix allergy season with IV hydration.

When Is Allergy Season in Phoenix?

The allergy season Phoenix most typically experiences begins in February and runs deep into the spring. This is the time when the mesquite, mulberry, and olive trees begin to produce pollen. Pollen is readily transmitted at this time as the high winds wash away the cooler winter weather and bring in the hot summer conditions. However, while this is the time of year most commonly associated with allergy “season” in Phoenix, it is important to note that allergies are commonly a problem throughout the summer and into the fall, depending on the type of pollen you are allergic to.

What Is IV Hydration?

IV hydration is an at-home therapy designed to introduce key fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals directly to the bloodstream. Patients will have a brief consultation with a certified nurse provider to discuss goals, medical history, and body composition. Upon arriving at the appropriate hydration cocktail, the provider will come directly to your home to administer the IV, with the treatment taking roughly an hour.

How Can IV Hydration Help During Phoenix Allergy Season?

There are a couple of ways that IV hydration can help during Phoenix allergy season.

First, IV therapy will immediately introduce essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals directly to your bloodstream. This is important because when suffering from allergies, it can be difficult to keep our bodies properly nourished when so much time and energy is spent on treating specific symptoms and enduring the discomfort. Preparing nutritious meals is the last thing on many sufferer’s minds when their allergy symptoms are fully flared, making IV treatment a commonsense solution.

In addition, there is evidence that IV therapy can potentially alleviate allergy symptoms themselves. The best anti-allergy cocktails contain essential vitamins and antioxidants, which can reduce inflammation and serve as histamine blockers. Histamines are the agents that trigger an allergic reaction and cause runny nose, watery eyes, and congestion, among other symptoms.

What Is the Science Behind IV Therapy for Allergies?

To expand on the benefits of IV therapy for seasonal allergies, let’s take a look at some of the minerals found in IV treatments that can help provide allergy relief:

  • Vitamin C – a natural antihistamine that breaks down allergy-causing agents, reducing symptoms
  • B complex – reduces inflammation in the body, which lessens allergy symptoms such as throat irritation and mucus buildup.
  • Saline – as your body tries to expel histamines via watery eyes and runny nose, your body will become dehydrated, leading to fatigue and irritability. Saline has a quick absorption rate that immediately replaces lost fluids and stops the effects of dehydration.
  • Vitamin B12 – while vitamin C typically gets credited for getting people well (eat your oranges when sick!), B12 is actually quite underrated in this regard. Vitamin B12 is known to be effective at controlling symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and runny nose. As your body depletes B12 stores fighting histamines, allergy symptoms will worsen.

Although these are a few of the standard minerals in an anti-allergy cocktail, there are many others that can have a potentially positive effect. Discuss your allergy history, symptoms, and body composition with your licensed provider to arrive at the best mix for you.

Considerations for Mobile IV Hydration

It is important to remember that mobile IV hydration is part of a comprehensive healthcare plan. Although it offers exciting potential for alleviating allergy symptoms, it is not guaranteed to cure or prevent allergies or any other types of health conditions. Be sure to discuss any questions or concerns with your provider during your initial consultation and seek the counsel of your general practitioner if you have any lingering concerns.

Survive Phoenix Allergy Season with IV Hydration

Phoenix is famous for its extensive warm weather. The downside to this is that allergy season is also a bit more extensive in the desert than in more frigid climates. The good news is that mobile IV hydration presents an exciting option for those looking for quick and effective means to alleviate allergy symptoms. If you feel like mobile IV therapy could be of benefit to you, contact a licensed provider today and schedule a consultation.

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